Welcome to ACK St Joseph of Arimathea Church.

Rev. Evanson Kamundia,Vicar 

Service Time

Morning service:    

(Holy Communion)    

8:30 - 9.45 A.M

Sunday school service:

10:00 - 12.00 A.M

Main church service:

10:00 - 12.00 A.M

I warmly welcome you to the official website of Ack st joseph of arimathea parish Moutain view. You will agree with me that the world is increasingly becoming a digital hence the need for every institution to adjust accordingly.
In adapting with the times, church cannot rely solely on the traditional methods in exercising her mission mandate. 

The use of ICT platform will continue to reach out to more people and make them understand the mission and scope the Gospel message. This website provides parishioners and visitors with more information on operations, scope and other ministerial dynamics in the parish.

ACK St Joseph of Arimathea Church, Nairobi is an open and inclusive Christian community of faith that exists to live out and share the good news of Christ. We have worship and activities for all age groups and people from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

You are welcome to join us in our Sunday services.